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CheckMyHeart- HRV Monitor
CheckMyHeart- HRV Monitor

HRV Monitor
CheckMyHeart HRV Monitor is a handheld HRV Monitor device designed to record ECG signal anywhere, anytime. It has heart rate variability analysis and irregular heart beat warning.

  1. Portable for using – Easy to carry and measure. It can be used as personal HRV medical device. 
  2. Competitive price – compare with other brand HRV device, CheckMyHeart handheld HRV device is the cheapest in the world. The measurement accuracy is accepted by international Journal. 
  3. Customization – CheckMyHeart handheld HRV device offer standard 5 minutes short term measurement HRV analysis and also can provide 10, 15 or 30 minutes measurement time for customer demand. Software is including Time Domain and Frequency Domain parameters that are worldwide standard parameters.  
  4. CheckMyHeart handheld HRV device has won Taiwan Excellence Awards and has the medical device certificates of FDA, CE, PMDA-Japan, Canada and Taiwan. 
  5. CheckMyHeart handheld HRV device has been used in many research center and organization. There are also many papers presentation on SCI international Journal. Moreover, clinicians adopt CheckMyHeart handheld HRV analysis

 Heart Rate Variability device


1.ECG recording for a long time
Autonomic nervous balanced assessment
3.Stress relief treatment (ex. massage, essential oils, spa ...) impact assessment


HRV handheld device / Heart Rate Variability device.


CheckMyHeart Product Instruction Manual

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Heart Rate Variability device

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  •  Heart Rate Variability device

    Heart Rate Variability device