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CheckMyHeart Plus- handheld HRV Monitor
CheckMyHeart Plus- handheld HRV Monitor

A whole new device of HRV analysis is available now!

You can see the results immediately and do not need wait after the data download to your PC.

You will not missing any important measuring after you finish the testing if there are too many noise.



The differences between CheckMyHeart and CheckMyHeart Plus:

 1. Real time ECG traces show on screen during the testing.   You will not miss any important measuring.

2. The results will show on screen after measuring. Do not need to   download to the PC if you want to check the results immediately after   measuring. 


 1.ECG recording for a long time

2.Autonomic nervous balanced assessment
3.Stress relief treatment (ex. massage, essential oils, spa ...impact assessment

HRV handheld device / Heart Rate Variability device

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  • Quick Guide
  • ECG Introduction
  •  After measuring, show on screen


    The detail contents are as below:


    At beginning of measuring


    During the measuring- Real time of ECG traces



    After the measuring




    A. LF/HF


    HR, SDNN and LF/HF parameters.




    B. Tachogram


    Tachogram, HR and SDNN parameters.






    C. Histogram


    Histogram, PMSSD, pNN50 and NN50 parameters.



    D. Poincare

    Poincare,SD1, SD2 and SD1/SD2 parameters.



    E. FFT PSD

    FFT PSD, LF-p, HF-p and LF/HF parameters.



    F. AR PSD

    AR PSD, LF-p, HF-p and LF/HF parameters.